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Happy Friday y’all! I hope your week was a good one. We have been throughly enjoying summer break around here. So far we have been spending lots of time outside riding scooters and eating popsicles. Sasha’s school opens the library every afternoon for a few hours so we have been taking advantage of that going several times a week. I can’t believe how many books she has read this summer! She is so motivated. This is one little soon to be second grader that won’t lose any reading ability over the summer.

image copy

My munchkin bunch enjoying bombpops and faux bombpops.


The neighbors gave us a free refrigerator for our garage. It needed a little cleaning up.


I spent the afternoon in the sunshine out on the driveway scrubbing and scrubbing this bad boy until I could see my reflection in it. I was so proud. Doesn’t the saying go “pride goes before the fall”? Well in this situation the fall came first and then my pride. I had sent my brother a few text messages telling him about my sweet new free fridge and how I was scrubbing out all the nastiness. I was feeling pretty good about my elbow grease efforts.

photo (8)

Well wouldn’t you know it, I got my pride checked in a big way. As I was getting ready to put the bottom crisper drawer shelf back into the fridge the glass on top slide off and hit the driveway. Glass + concrete just doesn’t work out in glass’s favor. It was weird, the corner that hit the driveway first sent a shatter all the way up the glass. It seemed to crackle in slow motion and then all of it just dropped all over the driveway.


So it goes. So friends and family now when you stopped by I will be able to offer you a cold beer or a nice cold Pellegrino. Cheers!

What are your big weekend plans? Are you doing something extra special for Father’s Day?

Here are some of my favorites. As always, click on the underlined link to go directly to the source.

1. COLLEGE WORLD SERIES Omaha is host of the CWS which kicks off today. If you’re a fan of college baseball it is the place to be!  If you have time between games to venture away from the ball park I have a page of wonderful places to eat. Check out Omaha Eats for some restaurant recommendations. Let me know if you will be in town!

2. HERRINGBONE WOOD WALL This is a new to me blog and I love it. Her tagline is “lessons in making your home awesome.” And boy does she have some amazing ideas. I love this wood wall. Now I need to figure out where I can do this in my home.
wood wall

3.  PIEROGI CASSEROLE A new twist on lasagna made with potatoes. I am intrigued!

4. MORNING YOGA SEQUENCE I have done this the past few mornings and it is a good way to start your day.

5. GROWN MEN REACTING TO THUNDER Something about seeing people jump when they are startled makes me laugh. Click on the link to watch it ;)
Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 9.19.16 AM


7. BRAISED LETTUCE by Brooklyn Farm Girl. I don’t know about you but this makes my mouth water. It is a creative way to use up all that lettuce from your garden or CSA box.

8. CHOCOLATE MALT CAKE by BHG Delish Dish contributor Naomi Robinson. Wouldn’t this be the perfect cake to bake up for Father’s Day?!


10. A BASEBALL BREAKFAST SANDWICH for your CWS loving Father
Baseball Breakfast Sandwich, Baseball party food, Father's Day recipe

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

And to my husband, dad, and father-in-law (and all the Father’s out there) HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! xo

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2 Responses to Friday Favorites

  1. Thanks so much for the shout out! That was so sweet.

    And I SUPER envy your new fridge (not the broken glass, though). I’d love to have a second one in the garage!

  2. Not good about the broken glass, but very jealous of the second fridge!!

    Love the thunder gif, it makes me laugh to, especially that one guy who acts out a little too much.

    No big plans here, going to try to make my husband some type of crazy pizza to celebrate Fathers Day (father of our cats). I want to catch up some books.. maybe a lazy day in the park shielded by trees.

    Have a great one!

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